"The light of Lucifer is the highest aspirations of mankind. It is the driving force that motivates us to greatness. It is what built the pyramids in Egypt the hanging gardens of Babylon and what drove the Mayans to build massive stone structures that even today we would have a hard time creating. It is the power behind Mozart’s masterpieces and Einstein’s equations. The black flame that moves armies across the battlefield topples towers of tyranny and frees the human race from bondage. The Will of the Luciferian burns before him and all in the way fall either seared or inflamed with awe. It is the understanding that the power at his fingertips is proven by not doing, by allowing your mind moments of thought and calculation. Self-control is one of the greatest traits one may build up. Anyone can commit acts of depravity- that never makes you special. What makes you unique is by allowing the Light of Lucifer to thrust you into a higher level of consciousness. With experience the knowledge gained allows for the wisdom to expand in power, illuminating your being so that all those who come in contact with you immediately evolve in some small way themselves. This is what in “Maskim Hul – Babylonian Magick” is called “Melammu”.  It is the awakening to the knowledge that you can form and create your world regardless of what other dogmas or doctrines tell insists that you cannot do.

The Luciferian represents the true elevated spirit of mankind, above good and evil, above mans fears, above everything aside from the human condition. We strive to improve mankind and bring forth the highest level of arts, mathematics, sciences, rhetoric, astronomy, geometry and metaphysical achievement. We do this with entering the depths of darkness within, discovering the balance of the primal powers within the subconscious and uniting them with our conscious mind to create balance. The Luciferian exists outside of the Judeo-Christian good vs. evil framework, thrust on all cultures since it first dominated the roman empire. Now is the possibility for the individual to start thinking clearly, to realize every day your life passes by with your mind controlled by the dualistic and good vs. evil dogma which breeds crime and sickness. Luciferians are those who have the individual drive to achieve their goals and to reach their dreams in life." -Lathotyp, J.J. Barker, Author of BOOK 75 and Michael W. Ford, Founder of TOPH.

Luciferianism is a philosophy centered on individuality, self-enlightenment and utilized power. Often Luciferianism is misrepresented as being associated with devil-worship which is an uneducated assumption. Luciferians do not believe in the 'devil' as we have the research, historical and theological records of the Ancient Near East at our fingertips; there is no Christian God and no Devil wanting to destroy humanity. The pantheons or Deific Masks (known also as Gods and Demons) represented both creative and destructive powers in nature and within the human being. Demons are representations of a type of energy or power which is not attached to any consistent natural phenomena. The topic of 'True Will' or ones' 'Daemon' is different from 'demon' as this type of genius or spirit is attached to the individual.

Luciferians do not fear the darkness, nor do we hate the light. We view cosmology and the individual being as being quite balanced in a mature understanding of darkness and light. Darkness from a Scientific and Cosmological level is our symbolic and literal beginning; we as children of Tiamat and Kingu of the Babylonian and Assyrian 'Enuma Elish' crawled from the abyssic chaos with the instinct of survival. Our raw emotions, lusts and passions are first found in our subconscious which has evolved over many years. The darkness as symbolized by Litan, Leviathan, Yam-Nahar along with Nergal and Ereshkigal symbolize the violent strength and passions of the darkness and the drives associated. While a powerful force, if not controlled with the discipline and will of the conscious mind, will no doubt cause us difficulty, weakness and eventually self-destruction.

Luciferians don't view this darkness as being negative, or 'evil' if you approach it from a Christian or monotheistic paradigm. Darkness is nurturing, healthy, restful and also violent, lustful, predatory and filled with the passions Judeo-Christianity, Islam and the rest of 'good' vs. 'evil' religions want to destroy: our complete, intelligent and independent 'selves' . Lucifer, Hecate Phosphorus, Apollo, Ahriman, Baal Hadad, Chemosh, Anat, Lilith, Samael, Astarte and all the many Deific Masks of necromantically resurrected (dead gods awakened via ritual, offerings and incantations today symbolically) pantheons bring us vast amounts of power in which our initiation guides us to our Daemon or True Will. The Daemon is the 'excellence of our psyche' which is our ideal 'God' which is ourselves, individually evolved and devoid of day-to-day 'consciousness'. For now, understand the Daemon as the 'inherent dream', that instinct which guides you towards success and provides the 'gut feeling' when you are about to make a big mistake.

Luciferianism begins with an ideology based on understanding via the research of Mr. Ford and his extensive bibliography found in titles like 'Dragon of the Two Flames' and 'Maskim Hul': ideological self-mastery and understanding that you, alone are your own God, nothing else determines your future but you and that our origin and survival instinct is a Beast of Prey, beautiful and glorious in the balance of nature itself. Christianity tried to make feeble and thoughtless the Beast within, taming us like a caged lion to be pointed at and taunted by children every day for the rest of its like at some zoo. The road to knowledge which leads to wisdom and power was slowly turned into a 'forbidden' path under the power of the 'Devil'. Everything beautiful, noble, strong in mind, powerful in mastery and lustful which humans reveled in was denied and bred successivly the instinct of 'guilt', a Nazerene-disease of the mind and spirit which slowly breaks down the individual and transforms a potential God into a mere sheep led around by a controling 'priest' or 'authority figure'.

Lucifer is a symbol of enlightenment and power to Luciferians and not a literal being. While some believe in the existence of a literal "Adversary", a cosmic motivator who inspires evolution and chaotic growth, many Luciferians view the Adversary as a symbol or subconscious force of self-enlightenment and motivation, not a devil who wishes to damn humanity.

The primary books which outline Luciferianism include the following titles by Michael W. Ford: 'Dragon of the Two Flames, Demonic Magick and the Gods of Canaan', 'Adversarial Light - Magick of the Nephilim', 'Maskim Hul - Babylonian Magick', 'Goetia of Shadows', 'The Bible of the Adfversary' and 'Akhkharu - Vampyre Magick'. The Bible of the Adversary outlines various demonic traditions of the Adversary throughout religion, mythology and magical initiatory systems which bring together the common elements of imagination (called in specific Islamic traditions as the essence of Iblis) and self-empowerment. While it does reveal basic ideology and Adversarial Magick, this is only the tip of the iceberg concerning Luciferian grimoires.

To understand Luciferianism as Michael W. Ford has defined it, one must look to early Enoch texts concerning the Watchers and Grigori. Until they "illuminated" humanity by teaching them the arts of magick and knowing the self, humans were thoughtless or selfless sheep. While the Judeo-Christian god calls this Serpent the "devil", the Adversarial spirit brought humanity the "Black Flame" or gift of individual consciousness.

The Luciferian embraces the Adversarial current in many forms, from a spiritual sense to those who have validated a "otherness" or "spirit world" as well as a physical sense, to those who cannot validate a "spirit world" and believe they exist in this world here and now with no thought towards an afterlife. Michael W. Ford understands that these two types of perceptions may be realized in a type of "Adversarial Chaos" which dictates no matter how you view the world or yourself, the mind and body must be shaped in this world as vessels of the Adversary, thus becoming living Gods accountable for their own destiny.

The Order of Phosphorus is an initiatory guild dedicated to empowerment of the individual through willed activation of the Luciferian Path. Accomplishment on the Luciferian Path creates an opportunity for Prospective initiates to join the Black Order of the Dragon, a companion initiatory organization propagating Adversarial Magick and Vampyrism. There are numerous sub-orders within TOPH including "The Order of Set-Aapep", exploring Adversarial Egyptian and Luciferian Magick, "Ordo Azariel", a Vampyric-Qlippothic guild, "Ordo Algol", a Satanic-Chaos inspired magickal order and many others. These are open to Grade I and above to ensure initiates just entering TOPH will focus on the basic disciplines and magickial ideological awakening.

TOPH is also an initiatory order for women equally as well. At the close of 2008 TOPH announced the creation of THE DAUGHTERS OF LILITH, an intiatory system parallel to the traditional grades of TOPH however specifically focused on the Feminine Adversarial Current. This is perhaps one of the first initiatory orders focused on illuminating the Lilithian - Hekate current as well as the traditional Masculine.

TOPH or The Order of Phosphorus places a focus on self-directed initiation. Grade 0 NAHEMOTH (The Black Earth) is the probationary period in which the initiate discovers the discipline needed to develop his or her self via Magick and Luciferian Witchcraft. TOPH is an order for the Religion of Luciferian Witchcraft, a faith discovered by the Adversarial Essence within. The Order of Phosphorus is a Luciferian Guild focused on the following concepts:

• Magick and self-transformation via the Adversarial Current.
• The Adversary as a psychological and spiritual force within, the path of the spiritual rebel.
• Sorcery and Black Witchcraft from a Luciferian perspective.
• A centeral focus on the Black Adept and the 'Daemon', an entire discipline focused on invocation of this crucial beginning in Magick which sadly few never reach in other traditions.

The Order of Phosphorus is not a church: it is an Initiatic Order that includes diabolic atheists, theistic and pantheistic Satanists (and beyond). We do not regulate morality or metaphysics but instead focus on the acquiescence and wielding of power. How this differs from other organizations? This is your personal charge to investigate and research.

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