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The Order of Phosphorus (TOPH) was founded in 2002 by Magus Akhtya Dahak (Michael W. Ford) and initiates of a Houston, Texas based Luciferian Witchcraft guild known as Coven Malefica. TOPH is not only a luciferian order; it is specifically an initiatory guild which is centered on Adversarial Magick and the self-determined shaping of the will and compelling change in the living world. Luciferianism is first a philosophy of training the mind (and will) to control and direct energy towards both short and long term goals.

The Order of Phosphorus in 2014 is an initiatory order which challenges the way perception unknowingly (and subtlely) strengthens or weakens the potential towards wisdom and power in the spiritual and physical world. Under the guidance of Magus Akhtya Dahak and the Priesthood, TOPH has evolved with an initiatiory structure which guides the self-motivated initiate to fashion and establish an inner spirituality; the result is a clear understanding of symbolism, magick and utilizing the various grimoires to continually ascend (and descend) as the center of the Adversarial Current. No matter if you are a Ceremonial Magician, Traditional Satanist or Dark Pagan, Luciferianism will by results change your life based on your individual ability, desire and determination.

Coven Malefica was a initiatory circle of Satanic and Luciferian Adepts who under the guidance of the Magister of the coven, manifested the current in the form of the grimoire (as textual transmission and linage) known as "Luciferian Witchcraft". The rebellous and forbidden texts of this groundbreaking grimoire was intended for the serious practitioner as both a record of work and guide. The Luciferian and Satanic approach to Magick was also a force of destroying the perceptions of many: Luciferianism embraces both darkness and light, each being a significant part of the self. When the rites of the adversary are performed, potential gates into the abyss and the vast power and vital energy of the Black Adept can be utilized to shape the present and future of the sorcerer. TOPH was established to offer a Left Hand Path initiatory structure of Luciferian Magick and has grown over the years it was public. While Luciferian Witchcraft as the practice of spell-craft, Sabbat of the Horned God (dream projection developed from Typhonian and Zos Kia Cultus teachings), goetic evocation, the Cultus of Azazel-Cain-Baphomet as a means of traditional 'passing on of power'.

The Order of Phosphorus is not a vague pseudo-spirituality based on shallow understandings of a medieval grimoire; TOPH offers structure of attaining knowledge, understanding and application of the powerful gnosis of Luciferian Witchcraft. The skeptical mind is most welcome; by questioning everything around the philosophy prior to Luciferianism soon you may obtain a basic point of insight. This insight is simply that how you think, the way of perception, the use of thoughts, words and actions are directly associated with Magick and your potential in the future. There is no deity to bend knees and ask for favors or advise; all the gods and demons manifest within you and thus the only one accountable for power in this life is you! If you are a spiritual individual and have firm convictions, be prepared to challenge and overcome those convictions to sieze a greater potential which is before you.

Luciferianism is first and foremost a philosophy which inspires the individual to gain insight, control and power by removing the chains of blind faith, religious tyranny and the slave mentality of religion. The philosophy and magical structure of Luciferianism has been published in numerous publications by Michael W. Ford and is the foundation of TOPH (The Order of Phosphorus) in both philosophy and initiation into the Adversarial Current (Magick).
Luciferian Magick is a life-changing experience which challenges and empowers the initiate who according to his or her will, gains personal power from the life-changing philosophy at the core of Luciferianism. There are many traditions not only in the Left Hand Path yet also the Occult genre which may confuse or lack a clear ideological approach. Luciferianism is successful when you apply the philosophy as the catalyst for breaking down restrictive belief inherent (without fault) in the brothers and sisters seeking initiation and knowledge.

The basic beginning points of Luciferian Ideology for the individual are briefly:

  • Luciferianism is first an awakening of consciousness by deliberate rebellion against the deep-seated “slave mentality” moral and ethical values which restrict and bind the individual to blind-faith beliefs. Judeo-Christian morality celebrates the suffering of the weak and the fantasy reward of a blissful ‘heaven’ or punishing ‘hell’; many in the occult and even Left Hand Path circles often (not necessarily of their own desire) have these deep-seated restrictions holding them back from gaining meaningful and authentic initiation. Luciferianism has steps of applying the philosophy towards this often fearful-chaos of questioning everything. The strong of mind will over time test, challenge and overcome these social normative values and gain insight into the foundation-shaking awareness that you alone are responsible for your personal meaning (value of self), weaknesses, strengths and what truly matters to you.
  • Luciferian Magick begins within the mind, utilized via energy in the physical body and then into the spiritual realm via the unity of will, desire and belief. It does not matter if you insist on the reality of ‘gods’ or ‘demons’ or if you approach Magick scientifically; subjective experience and the use of imagination and fantasy in ritual allows the individual to tap into the dark recesses of primal power.
  • Luciferians embrace life in the here and now, understanding that your present and future is to be fashioned by your determined goals and realizing the practical steps necessary for this achievement. Performing a ritual for a short or long term goal without visualized, realistic steps on how to achieve is a waste of time and revealing the insight that potentially you must overcome the laziness or out-of-touch belief. Luciferianism utilizes both the ideology and spiritual possibility in a challenging arena which over time ignites the spirituality of perception, understanding and result-driven insight.
  • Luciferianism is a synthesis of the philosophy of the ancient, pre-Christian values of the strong of mind and body, accepting knowledge, honoring those who contribute to the evolution of human potential, awareness of a spiritual reality (if this is in your perception) and seeking balance in both creative and destructive powers, symbols and desires within nature and the individual.
  • Magick brings change according to the will; the powers of darkness motivate, challenge and transform the initiate. Ideology tests and affirms the individual’s reality and over time will elevate you into a continually evolving divine consciousness.
  • Being your own god is simply that you do not rely on or accept another master. You alone are responsible for your life (barring accidents, genetic occurrences’, etc) and every magickial rite must strengthen the temple of the individual mind-body-spirit. The process of attainment is first focused on ideology, cause and affect with will-desire-belief; attaining conversation and knowledge of your Daemon or Personal God (the True Will or guiding instinct inherent within).

Luciferianism has ideological similarities with Traditional Satanism, yet there are differences. Luciferianism acknowledges inspiration from a variety of modern philosophers and authors which included Friedrich Nietzsche, Anton LaVey, Charles Darwin, Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Machiavelli and John Milton (Paradise Lost) among others. The ideology of Luciferianism is applicable with great benefit to the individual who inherently believes that he or she is ultimately responsible for their destiny in life; the Luciferian is a natural leader (or even loner).

Luciferianism recognizes the ancient heroic spirit which inspired ancient Greece and Bronze/Iron Age Hero Cults to venerate great achievements and in turn inspire others to evolve as well. Luciferianism exalts the traits of the strong and powerful, the achiever and conqueror. Traits such as Pride (with restraint), Lust (desire motivates when controlled and directed), Envy (when someone else has achieved something you want, don’t go after his; seek to elevate yourself by merit) and the conquering determination to overcome your obstacles.  This is the Adversarial Current manifesting in the physical world.

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