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"Vampirism has for long been a fascination and desire sought by many. No doubt you have considered what it would be like to fly in the night, drain another of energy and live like a God or Goddess. If applied, this grimoire may help you. I strongly advise that you be of sound mind and to have begun a basic study or practice as defined in AKHKHARU - Vampyre Magick, BOOK OF THE WITCH MOON, LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT and LIBER HVHI – Magick of the Adversary as these books will prepare you.

The Vampyre Magickian is indeed one who has stepped beyond the foundations of the Luciferian Path. The model of this path is based in more advanced Magick and Sorcery techniques, which may be dangerous as well. I caution the use of this tome and suggest you not misuse it – it can cause many issues if responsibility is not practiced. The Luciferian psyche is indeed a predator, however it is best developed in a balanced perspective - we seek continual life, existence yet we also understand the foodchain within the natural order and (un)natural order.

The Vampyre Magickian takes the individual and transforms – it awakens you and will require that you shed the beliefs of your past. You will become something better. This will definitely offer a short cut in your initiatory focus – in an age of a “want it now” but the price is diving into the abyss – and having the will to emerge as a devouring god or goddess.

You may wish to use some of these techniques, or all of them as a practitioner on the Luciferian Witchcraft Circle – this is entirely up to you. Be sure as you will grow from it and become something better – if not more balanced from the process itself.

Notice the spelling of “Vampyre”, denoting the old spelling – a necromantic call to the origins and foundation – a predator if you will. The Vampyre Magickian does not drink physical blood, rather he or she is focused on Chi or Prana, astral energy." - From AKHKHARU - Vampyre Magick

The path of power of the current is found in the Black Dragon, within the Black Dragon you will find the Crimson Dragon, known as the union of Samael and Lilith. As you transform and become a vessel of this current your thoughts will focus on power as inner, the outer being a mere temporary result of a chosen work.
Vampirism is merely Luciferian Desire that is not the actual drinking of blood but from an initiatory point of view, the hunger for personal knowledge, power and vital lifeforce within. Take for instance our physical bodies, as ancient Zoroastrians warned of Az being within, the vampiric druj consumes the food from our bodies and we require more, the same is consistent with our spirit and mind. While initiatory focus points in the Luciferian path develop both the bestial and angelic, the serpentine focus of the mind becomes a constant, while often background focus. It happens slowly and with ever step down the coils of Leviathan, until the marriage of Samael and Lilith is complete.

The Luciferian will seek the path of self-discipline and strength through carefully focused Will and the application towards struggle and pain, overcoming the challenges to gain wisdom of limits and advancements of the mind. The Luciferian will use Buddhist techniques, body and mind discipline tools such as martial arts, the military, various schools to achieve this strength. The difference is the Luciferian will use these tools not from a Right Hand Path perspective, but from a Left Hand Path approach to achieve the goals of transformation. The Beast will be focused and channeled in appropriate, progressive manners and the serpent within will be used in carefully desired actions.

Angra Mainyu – The Doctrine of the Adversary

Within the Luciferian Doctrines of predatory spirituality, the nature of the Adept is to master this world in which we live in. There is no desire for the other which detracts from the mastery of the physical, rather a careful balance. Luciferians are by all account spiritual in nature, by sorcery we encircle our desire and belief through gnosis, utilize meditation techniques and aethyrs within the subconscious. By all these things, we never abandon the physical or the realities of our existence.

The spirit of Angra Mainyu = Ahriman, is darkness and shadow. Luciferians are deeply involved in the methods of sorcery and their own brands of witchcraft. Darkness and shadow is expanded by the brightness of our illumination, thus wisdom begets darkness. One aspect of the Black Order of the Dragon is to illuminate this light within each Adept, to compliment an independent and ‘opposer’ type of individual. By all accounts the BOTD is indeed a Black School – lessons are given in darkness, there is no visible master yet under this scope of study does the shadow cast down upon the ground in which the Adept treads.

Knowledge of the enemy is essential. The Luciferian must study the ways of the enemy – monotheistic Right Hand Path religions – Christianity, et al. Such belief indoctrinates the weak and ignorant, thus should be kept out of the mind entirely, save it poison you to spiritual death. If anything, the Luciferian should seek to devour the very essence of the Tribal Christian God, to drink deep of its knowledge of war, chaos, natural disaster, disease. If you compare the realities of our world with the Christian concept, their God is dormant.

Please take your attention to “Luciferian Witchcraft” and specifically the Yatuk Dinoih. The Ten Precepts of Zohak and the Ten Adominations of Akht – Jadu display therein the very foundation of this work, the Luciferian Path and the key to the gates of hell and heaven. Heaven and Hell are indeed spiritual realities, yet also physical sensations. By achieving and devouring we may reach the heights of both, which equally are powerful. Remember the deific force of Ahriman, so sought to break open the gates of heaven and devour his brother Ahura Mazda, the Sun.

Morals – Morality changes based on culture and time. What is amoral now will not be 50 years from now. Do not harm those who have not crossed you, respect animals and children as both hold a strong sense of honesty.

Guilt – If you think through an action, and are compelled to take it – feel no guilt. Guilt is an emotion which drains your energy as well as creates other mistakes in its wake. Reject guilt, it is an emotion of feeble minded, knee bending Christians.

Know Thyself – see to know yourself, in every way. Study your strengths, weaknesses and seek to develop and master both. Do not ignore that which you dislike about you, confront it and master it. Self-knowledge becomes self-love and allows you to become a stronger being. Think before you act!

Know your enemy – learn about that which you despise, know it’s workings, purpose and point of view. This will aid you always in confrontation.

Love and compassion must be guarded, never love something which poses danger for you. Build the energy within through discipline, will and self-love. Utilize methods which can be as a tool for your becoming. The elements of Luciferian and Ahrimanic Mastery with regards to the Soul are follows.

The Words of the Dragon
I am that which you hide away from others
I am the Eye which seduces all within it’s gaze.
I am the voice of which power is formed.
I am the thought of which is exist beyond flesh.
We are legion yet we come from one source.
There is only one from within you.
You are the point and the beginning,
Azothoz as the devourer.
In nature can you understand my spirit in all things.
In doing such you will understand yourself.
In understanding yourself you will be able to utilize all of your senses and develop skills to master what you Will in this world.

The Luciferian Creed
I am a Luciferian and of Seba and Set.
I am a vessel of Ahriman and Az.
I worship my own self-progressing divinity.
I deny all religions which would sacrifice the sense of “I”.
I recognize that religion must start within and be a mirror of my desire.
I affirm my Body as a Temple of Darkness and Fire.
I affirm my Soul as the Daemon-God upon the Throne in this Black Tower.
The Twin Serpents are my key to continued vitality and initiation,
I will seek to raise and then create my desire upon earth.
I recognize my Eye is but the Eye of Set,
that as the Serpent I shall command my presence upon earth.
I shall be a manifestation of the ArchDaevas upon earth.
My actions will be thought out and I will exercise my Will in each action.
I recognize there is no other God than myself.
I am the Serpent.
Urvan ameretat me nemah'ya I - (I worship my immortal soul)
Vangh Daêva uz-dâ I - (I shall raise up the Daemon within)

We drink from the Sun at Midnight, the blood congealed under a pale moon. We drink from the ecstasies of the Qlippoth, and leave strengthened and whole. We seek to go forth in the night in the form of the beast, drinking from the waters under the Moon. We devour paradise and bath in the blood of the moon.

Our brothers are Yatus, Sorcerers of Ahrimanic Witchcraft; our sisters are Pairikas, daughters of AZ. We are the People of the Lie (Druj), we are the those of demon-flesh – awakened and ancient, forever seeking to further illuminate the Black Flame. Our religion is Sorcery, that which is ensorcelled by our practice of Yatuk-Dinoih (Witchcraft). Life is the great gift of Ahriman, as isolate consciousness (the soul or psyche) is separate from the Natural Order. The BOTD is entirely spiritual in nature, aimed at the theory of gaining immortality via the psyche. It is the physical path of exhaustion, of when the spirit and flesh are one and become stronger with insight and determination.

The core essence of the serpent is the Eye which hides within the flesh.
Therein is the power Ch’an, of nothingness and silence..
Such is the glaze which captivates and announces the mastery of presence.
It is the Spirit of Light which is self-illumination, the Black Flame.
Who is the teacher commanding and striking down the ego.
The Luciferian realizes the ego must be stripped and burnt away to reveal the Black Flame of Immortal Being. This “being” or “Serpent fire” within is always mutating, changing, becoming.
The serpent then ensorcels the spine to become the foundation of Leviathan..
Luciferian Will is the Satori, which is an endless chalice of blood of fire…
You may sip the venom of this cup yet you shall never take your fill.
As the self is always progressing and mutating into a Godlike Being
The serpent hungers for more…
Those who fail become the feast of the shades of the void..
Those who Become are the Avatars of Set’s endless power of being..
I am of Ahriman’s flesh….
The wolf is the skin which cloaks the hunger of struggle..
The serpent is the skin which directs the gaze of the Eye..
The bat is the thirst within called Trshna, to fall into the abyss and the Graal of Dragon’s Blood…
From the Eye of Set does his form become darkness, Ahriman.
That spark within to awaken the senses.
From which as shadow do I fall into nothingness
To reach a cup to sate the deepest thirst
To then discover the Five Flames of Angra Mainyu
And servitors of the void join in my being…
To awaken and rise from the Sea..
The take my Divine Leadership upon the Earth…

The Children of the Dragon
Predatory Spirituality
“And of dragons there is that too, through whom there is so much evil knowledge that it perpetrates injury just like sinners.” – The Greater Bundahishn

Predatory Spiritualism is a process of devourment, spiritual mastery and the Will made Flesh. Here the Yatus or Pairikas (Sorcerer or Witch) have shed the flesh of mortal thinking into the blackened depths of Azhi-Dahaka, the Son of Ahriman, the consort of Az-Lilith, the Scarlet Whore and mother of vampires. Here, there is no turning back – this is the circle of Satan, the Devil’s path made flesh in you. As written before, we open now the Drujo Demana, Arezura, the very Gates of Hell. Before you is the Dragon – shall you flinch before this beast then your mind will be destroyed. If you recognize your true nature, that which guided you here, shall then you be welcomed into the Halls of the Infernal.

The initiatory purpose of the Black Order of the Dragon is to use the archetypes, symbols and myths of folklore – if pleasing to our imagination – to be used in methods of becoming like these spirits. BOTD initiates practice actual magick, we are seeking ourselves as independent manifestations of Ahriman, thus as the Avesta and other ancient tomes would describe our purpose, as Daevas (demons). Vampires look upon their personal being as GODS, the humanistic concepts of mortals do not guide us in anyway either as it defines within the initiatory context of the circle. To become Wamphyri, the individual must tear away all strains and weaknesses they have picked up since their first birth. In this however, we operate under the Laws of Society and resent all illegal acts – those who may be aligned with the BOTD who adhere to illegal acts will be banished permanently.

THE PRACTICE OF VAMPIRISM as a tool of Sorcery
Vampirism – Vampiric practice is the act of devouring/drinking or encircling and consuming energy, life force called Chi or Ki. Lifeforce is the vital energy which flows through our body. It is directly associated with the body in terms of what we eat, our mental state and emotions. In the practice of Ahrimanic Yoga in Liber HVHI, the Chakras are stirred or awakened by the fire snake visualized in meditation and practice. By connecting with the chakras, the ArchDaevas, being centers and deific masks of power, may be encircled and cultivated within the mind and body. This awakens points of serpent-power as it is called, when directed out in magickal practice no matter if it is sorcery to obtain a physical result or one to initiate self-transformation (they are usually connected in some way) this energy is vital. Chi also direct affects the Aura. Depression, anger and over excitability will cause this energy to be used up carelessly and without purpose. Have you not noticed when you exercise you feel vital and direct mentally? The same is such in Yoga practice. Vampirism is the consuming of this energy, from the earth and other life around us. Vampirism or predatory spirituality is applied in the real world and in the ritual circle, never applying to consuming blood to any extent.

If applied to a psychological aspect vampirism is the subconscious affirmation that “I” or the self is the only God that is, there is no other. How do you know this? If you can have a knowledge by interaction with other people – specifically a woman, then you know you are not that woman. Take for instance the word, ‘perspicacity’. The meaning of this word according to the Webster Dictionary is: “Acuteness of perception, discernment, or understanding.” This would be exactly the description of the Luciferian Path with regards to the self or “I”. The self is a widely misunderstood arena of practice in the context of left hand path.

The basics, carnal pleasure, are considered the foundation of Satanism and even Luciferian thought. This cannot be so as carnal pleasures are subjective based on the upbringing and social make up of that person. One man’s pleasure is another man’s pain. The foundation of the Satanic/Luciferian Mind is to awaken and discover, “I AM GOD AND THERE IS NO OTHER”. If you can understand that you are not the person talking to you as you are having an unconnected (i.e. you are not connected to their body or the object this applies to being car, bike, cart, etc), interaction with them then it is reasonable to recognize you are separate. If you are separate there is no direct linking connection, you are significant to the number one. One is alone and observe the rule of birth and death: you enter the world alone and you leave the world alone.

THE BLACK ORDER OF THE DRAGON is no longer open to the public due to the nature of its dark magicks. Please become familiar with The below book for the foundations of this group.
ONLY members of THE ORDER OF PHOSPHORUS may apply to the BOTD.

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