Ideology of Luciferianism


THE BLACK ORDER OF THE DRAGON is an inner Guild of THE ORDER OF PHOSPHORUS and is a Luciferian-religious structure based on Sorcery and Predatory Spiritualism. The concept of Vampyrism is found in AKHKHARU – Vampyre Magick as a living and breathing initiatory system.

The dark magicks of the BOTD are based on the writings of Michael W. Ford.
Entering the Black Order of the Dragon may be for those who have entered into Grade I° of THE ORDER OF PHOSPHORUS.

“We drink from the Sun at Midnight, the blood congealed under a pale moon. We drink from the ecstasies of the Qlippoth, and leave strengthened and whole. We seek to go forth in the night in the form of the beast, drinking from the waters under the Moon. We devour paradise and bath in the blood of the moon.” – BOTD Manifesto

Our brothers are Yatus, We are the People of the Lie (Druj), we are the those of the path of the coiling serpent. Our religion is Sorcery, that which is ensorcelled by our practice of Yatuk-Dinoih (Witchcraft). The BOTD is entirely spiritual in nature, aimed at the theory of gaining immortality via the psyche.

Vampire.  What exactly does this word mean?

1. A Vampyre is a practitioner of sorcery which utilizes the predatory paradigm that power is gained and accumulated through draining or devouring spiritual energy via ritual and physical contact. A Vampyre does not drink human or animal blood in a physical sense. Simply put, there is no need.
2. THE BLACK ORDER OF THE DRAGON refers to its initiates as Yatus (Masculine) or Pairikas (feminine). BOTD members are Luciferians who have ascended to Grade II° and have displayed adequately their Adepthood as practicing Luciferian Magickians. Many BOTD Black Adepts are chosen from their initiatory experience within ORDO AZARIEL of TOPH.

3. The Vampyre Sorcerer will master a level of dream control, either a lucid dreaming state or a controlled one where they are able to literally “awaken” in the dream. The mind is able to attune the astral body to leave its physical body and shape itself accordingly. The Yatus or Pairikas will often shape their astral or aethyric body into a shape – wolf, bat, dragon, serpent, hag, etc.

4. The Vampyre understands that nourishment is needed for physical and spiritual survival. The spiritual aspect of survival extends with the Luciferian as the need for power. Power is grained from draining and devouring energy. The Vampyre can be seemingly invisible in taking Chi, Prana or Astral energy during daylight hours – it can be as simple as going out in public.
Study of Predatory Spirituality and Vampyrism. Initiation begins in the understanding of the Isolate Consciousness, the Vampyric Gift itself. The initiate first begins a detailed study of the AKHKHARU in theory as well as the BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY and LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT to understand how Will and Desire can be used to transform the self. The initiate will seek to understand how their consciousness is unique, what makes them who they are and how change is related to consistence of self.


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